Meralgia Paraesthetica (Bernhardt-Roth Syndrome)

About- Meralgia paresthetica also called Bernhardt-Roth syndrome is a neurological condition characterized by tingling, numbness and burning pain in the outer thigh due to compression of the nerve that supplies sensation to the skin surface of the thigh.

Meralgia paresthetica Pain in the groin area
Meralgia paresthetica Loss of sensitivity
Meralgia paresthetica Tingling and numbness and Burning pain in the outer (lateral) part of the thigh
Meralgia paresthetica Excessive weight
Meralgia paresthetica Pregnancy
Meralgia paresthetica Hip of back surgery or trauma
Meralgia paresthetica Tight clothing, such as belts, corsets and tight pants
Meralgia paresthetica Walking, running, biking, or standing for a prolonged period
Specialist to visit
Neurologist Neurologist

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