Colon Cancer (Colorectal Cancer)

About- Colon cancer also called colorectal cancer is a malignant tumor occurs when the cells in the inner wall of the large intestine (colon) or rectum become abnormal and grow out of control.

 Abdominal bloating
 Abdominal pain or cramps
 Blood in the stool
 Bowel incontinence 
 Change in bowel habits
 Changes in stool consistency
 Continual urges to defecate
 Dark-colored stool
 Incomplete evacuation
 Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
 Loose and narrow stools
‚Äč Pain during bowel movements
 Pelvic pain
 Rectal bleeding
 Unexplained weight loss
 Weakness or fatigue

The exact reason is not clear.

Risk factors
 A personal or family history of Colon cancer or polyps
 Crohn's disease
 Prolonged Inactivity
 Low-fiber, high-fat diet
 Lynch syndrome
 Older age
 Radiation therapy for cancer
 Ulcerative colitis

Specialists to Visit -

 General Surgeon

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Colon cancer

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