High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)

About- Our heart pumps blood around the body through arteries. Blood pressure is the pressure of the blood on the artery walls. When this pressure is high enough to increase the risk of stroke, heart failure, kidney failure, and other diseases, this condition is called High blood pressure or hypertension.
High blood pressure Blood in the urine
High blood pressure Blurred vision
High blood pressure Chest pain
High blood pressure Dizziness
High blood pressure Flushing
High blood pressure Headaches
High blood pressure Nosebleeds
High blood pressure Shortness of breath
High blood pressure Adrenal gland tumors
High blood pressure Adrenal gland problems
High blood pressure Certain endocrine tumors
High blood pressure Chronic alcoholism
High blood pressure Congenital blood vessels defect
High blood pressure Congenital heart defects
High blood pressure Kidney disease
High blood pressure Obstructive sleep apnea
High blood pressure Side effects of some medications including birth control pills
High blood pressure Thyroid problems
High blood pressure Use of illegal drugs such as cocaine
Risk factors
High blood pressure Aging
High blood pressure Alcoholism
High blood pressure Diabetes
High blood pressure Family history of High blood pressure
High blood pressure High level of salt (sodium) in the diet
High blood pressure Insufficient potassium in the diet
High blood pressure Kidney disease
High blood pressure Lack of physical activity
High blood pressure Obesity
High blood pressure Obstructive sleep apnea
High blood pressure Smoking or chewing tobacco
High blood pressure Stress 
High blood pressure Aneurysm
High blood pressure Atherosclerosis
High blood pressure Complications during pregnancy
High blood pressure Dementia
High blood pressure Diabetes
High blood pressure Eye damage
High blood pressure Heart attack
High blood pressure Heart failure
High blood pressure High insulin levels
High blood pressure High triglycerides level
High blood pressure Left ventricular hypertrophy
High blood pressure Low high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol (good cholesterol) level
High blood pressure Memory and understanding problem
High blood pressure Peripheral vascular disease
High blood pressure Stroke
High blood pressure Thickened, narrowed or torn blood vessels in the eyes
High blood pressure Weak and narrow blood vessels in the kidneys
Specialists to visit
Cardiologist Cardiologist

Cardiologist General Physician
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High blood pressure


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