Chest Pain

About- Chest pain is discomfort or pain in any region of the chest.


A sour or acidic taste in the mouth
 Abdominal pain
 Back pain that radiates to the front of the chest
 Jaw, or arm pain
 Burning sensation in the chest
 Chest pressure or tightness
 Cold sweats
 Difficulty swallowing
 Nausea or vomiting
 Pain may last for more than a few minutes
 Pain may vary depending on the body position
 Pain may be Sharp, Dull, Burning, Aching, Stabbing
 Pain gets worse with activity
 Shortness of breath
 A blood clot
 Acid reflux
 Aortic dissection
 Bruised or broken ribs
 Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease(COPD)
 Stress fractures 
 Difficulty swallowing
 Gallbladder inflammation
 Heart attack
 Injured ribs
 Panic attack
 Pulmonary embolism
 Pulmonary hypertension
 Sore muscles
 Viral bronchitis

Specialists to Visit -
 Emergency Medicine

 Internal Medicine
 Cardiovascular Surgeon

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