Shortness of Breath (Dyspnea)

About- Shortness of breath, also known as dyspnea is the experience of breathing discomfort due to an intense tightening in the chest, air hunger or a feeling of suffocation.

 Blocked air passages from a stuffy nose or throat phlegm
 Carbon monoxide poisoning
 Cardiac tamponade (excess fluid around the heart)
 Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
 Congenital heart disease
 Coronary artery disease
 Dust, mold, or pollen allergy
 Extreme temperatures
 Heart attack
 Heart failure
 Hiatal hernia
 Low blood pressure (hypotension)
 Altitude sickness
 Pneumonia and other pulmonary infections
 Pulmonary embolism 
 Pulmonary hypertension
 Anxiety disorder
 Sudden blood loss
 Upper airway obstruction (blockage in the breathing passage)
 Very strenuous exercise

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