About- Blindness also known as visual impairment or vision loss is the complete or partial loss of vision.

If you’re completely blind, you can see nothing. If you’re partially blind
the following symptoms are
 Cloudy vision
An inability to see shapes
Seeing only shadows
Night-blindness (Nyctalopia)
Tunnel vision
Macular degeneration 
 lazy eye 
 Optic neuritis 
 Retinitis pigmentosa 
 Tumors in the retina or optic nerves such as retinoblastoma and optic glioma
 Accidents or injuries to the surface of the eye
 Blocked blood vessels
 Uncorrected refractive errors
 Diabetic retinopathy
 Corneal opacity
 Complications of premature birth (retrolental fibroplasia)
 Complications of eye surgery
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