Blood in the Urine

About-  Blood in the urine also called Hematuria is the presence of blood in the Urine.
The two types of hematuria are
 Gross hematuria—Blood in urine is visible to the naked eye
 Microscopic hematuria— Blood is urine is visible only through the microscopic test

Along with 
Blood in the urine other possible symptoms are
 Pink, red or cola-colored urine
 Blood clots in the urine
 Bladder pain
 Back pain

 Bladder cancer
 Bladder infections
 Bladder stones
 Blood clotting disorder
 Certain medicines, such as pain relievers, blood thinners, and antibiotics
 Enlarged prostate (in men)
 Kidney cancer
 Kidney infections
 Kidney stones
 Polycystic kidney disease
 Prostate cancer
 Prostate infection
 Sexual activity
 Sickle cell disease
 Injury or trauma
 Urinary tract infection (UTI)
 Vigorous exercise

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Blood in the urine

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