About- Malnutrition is a condition that occurs due to a lack of sufficient nutrients in the body.
Malnutrition Absence of menstruation
Malnutrition Constipation
Malnutrition Depression
Malnutrition Dizziness
Malnutrition Fainting
Malnutrition Fatigue
Malnutrition Hair loss
Malnutrition Heart palpitations
Malnutrition Heavy menstruation
Malnutrition Irritability
Malnutrition Lightheadedness
Malnutrition Longer healing time for wounds
Malnutrition Loss of fat, muscle mass, and body tissue
Malnutrition Pale skin
Malnutrition Physical or mental disability
Malnutrition Poor appetite
Malnutrition Poor concentration
Malnutrition Risk of complications after surgery
Malnutrition Shortness of breath
Malnutrition Sleepiness
Malnutrition Tingling and numbness of the joints
Malnutrition Tiredness
Malnutrition Unintended weight loss
Malnutrition Weakness
Malnutrition Alcoholism
Malnutrition Anorexia nervosa
Malnutrition Celiac disease
Malnutrition Colon cancer
Malnutrition Crohn’s disease
Malnutrition Dementia
Malnutrition Depression
Malnutrition Diet with insufficient essential nutrients
Malnutrition Imbalanced gut flora
Malnutrition Liver disease
Malnutrition Persistent diarrhea
Malnutrition Schizophrenia
Specialists to visit
Malnutrition Nutritionist
Malnutrition General Physician

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