About- Constipation is irregular bowel movements and difficulty passing stools. 
 A feeling of fullness, even after having a bowel movement
 Experiencing a rectal blockage
 Fewer than three stools a week
 Lumpy or hard stools
 Straining or pain during bowel movements
 A diet low in fiber
 Anal fissure
 Autonomic neuropathy
 Bowel obstruction
 Certain Medications
 Changes in routine
 Colon cancer
 Drinking insufficient water
 Eating large amounts of milk or cheese
 Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
 Lack of exercise
 Multiple sclerosis
 Narrowing of the colon (bowel stricture)
 Parkinson's disease
 A problem in the pelvic muscles
 Spinal cord injury
 Stomach cancer

Specialists to Visit-
 Colon and rectal surgeon

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