Muscular Dystrophy

About- Muscular dystrophy is a group of genetic diseases that cause progressive weakness and loss of muscle mass.

Muscular dystrophy Bone thinning
Muscular dystrophy Breathing difficulties
Muscular dystrophy Difficulty standing up or walking
Muscular dystrophy Difficulty Swallowing  
Muscular dystrophy Drooping facial muscles
Muscular dystrophy Ptosis
Muscular dystrophy Excessive sweating
Muscular dystrophy Foot deformities
Muscular dystrophy Frequent falls
Muscular dystrophy Hair Loss
Muscular dystrophy Heart problems
Muscular dystrophy Intellectual impairment
Muscular dystrophy Large calf muscles
Muscular dystrophy Learning disabilities
Muscular dystrophy Loss of reflexes
Muscular dystrophy Lung and heart weakness
Muscular dystrophy Muscle pain, cramps, weakness and Stiffness
Muscular dystrophy Poor motor control
Muscular dystrophy Poor posture
Muscular dystrophy Poor vision, including cataracts
Muscular dystrophy Respiratory problems
Muscular dystrophy Scoliosis
Muscular dystrophy Shortening of the muscles in the spine, neck, ankles, knees, and elbows
Muscular dystrophy Slanted shoulders
Muscular dystrophy Speech problems
Muscular dystrophy Unexplained weight loss
Muscular dystrophy Voice changes
Muscular dystrophy Waddling gait
Muscular dystrophy Walking on the toes

Muscular dystrophy occurs due to defective genes

Specialists to visit
Neurologist Neurologist
Neurologist Pulmonologist
Neurologist Cardiologist
Neurologist Occupational Therapist

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