About- Glomerulonephritis is inflammation of the tiny filters in kidneys known as glomeruli.
Glomerulonephritis Abdominal pain
Glomerulonephritis Anemia
Glomerulonephritis Edema
Glomerulonephritis Fluid in the lungs leading to coughing and shortness of breath
Glomerulonephritis Frequent urination
Glomerulonephritis Blood in the Urine
Glomerulonephritis High blood pressure 
Glomerulonephritis Nosebleeds
Glomerulonephritis Protein in the urine
Glomerulonephritis Puffiness in the face
Glomerulonephritis Amyloidosis
Glomerulonephritis Endocarditis
Glomerulonephritis Diabetic kidney disease (diabetic nephropathy)
Glomerulonephritis Focal segmental glomerulosclerosis
Glomerulonephritis Goodpasture's syndrome
Glomerulonephritis Granulomatosis with polyangiitis 
Glomerulonephritis Hepatitis B
Glomerulonephritis Hepatitis C
Glomerulonephritis High blood pressure
Glomerulonephritis HIV
Glomerulonephritis Buerger Disease
Glomerulonephritis Lupus
Glomerulonephritis Polyarteritis nodosa
Glomerulonephritis Post-streptococcal Glomerulonephritis
Glomerulonephritis Strep throat
Glomerulonephritis Vasculitis

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