Pleural Effusion

About-pleural effusion also called water on the lung is excess fluid that accumulates in the fluid-filled space that surrounds the lungs which may cause shortness of breath by limiting the expansion of the lungs.
pleural effusion Chest pain
pleural effusion Dry cough
pleural effusion Fever
pleural effusion Shortness of breath
pleural effusion Difficulty taking deep breaths
pleural effusion Persistent hiccups
pleural effusion Difficulty with physical activity
pleural effusion Breast cancer in women
pleural effusion Cirrhosis of liver
pleural effusion Complications from open-heart surgery
pleural effusion Congestive heart failure 
pleural effusion Kidney disease
pleural effusion Lung cancer in men
pleural effusion Lupus 
pleural effusion Pneumonia
pleural effusion Pulmonary embolism
pleural effusion Rheumatoid arthritis
Specialists to visit
Pulmonologist Pulmonologist

Pulmonologist Interventional Radiologist

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pleural effusion

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