Meniere's Disease

About- Meniere's disease is a disorder of the inner ear that causes episodes of vertigo (spinning).
Meniere's disease Balance disorder
Meniere's disease Feeling of fullness in the ear
Meniere's disease Headaches
Meniere's disease Hearing loss
Meniere's disease Nausea & vomiting
Meniere's disease Recurring episodes of vertigo
Meniere's disease Sweating 
Meniere's disease Tinnitus

The cause of
Meniere's disease isn't understood. Possible contributing factors are
Meniere's disease Abnormal immune response
Meniere's disease Allergies
Meniere's disease Genetic predisposition
Meniere's disease Head trauma
Meniere's disease Improper fluid drainage
Meniere's disease Migraines
Meniere's disease Viral infection
Specialists to visit
Neurologist Otolaryngologist (ENT)

Neurologist Neurologist

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Meniere's disease

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