Influenza (Flu)

About- Influenza or flu is a highly contagious respiratory illness caused by a viral infection.
Influenza Chills
Influenza Dry cough
Influenza Fatigue and weakness
Influenza Fever
Influenza Headache
Influenza Muscle pain
Influenza Nasal congestion
Influenza Runny nose
Influenza Sore throat
Influenza Sweats
It occurs due to direct or indirect contact with the infected person

Risk factors
Influenza Children (younger than 12 months) and adults (above 65 years old)
Influenza Chronic illnesses like asthma, diabetes, heart disease, neurological disorder, kidney, liver, or blood disease
Influenza Obesity
Influenza Pregnancy
Influenza Use of long-term aspirin therapy 
Influenza Weak immune system
Influenza Asthma
Influenza Bronchitis
Influenza Heart problems
Influenza Middle Ear infections
Influenza Pneumonia
Specialists to visit
Influenza Pediatrician
Influenza General Physician

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