Tips to avoid discomfort post-gallbladder surgery-by a surgeon

Tips to avoid discomfort post-gallbladder surgery-by a surgeon

by Dr Soumen Das

Posted on 16th June, 2023 at 5:55:22 AM

An oval-shaped 4-inch-long organ that connects to our liver is called the gallbladder. This organ has multiple vital roles in running our body properly. Dr. Soumen Das, one of the best gastrointestinal surgeons based in Kolkata, explains that the gallbladder accumulates bile from our liver and releases the same into our small bowel. If you face trouble related to your gallbladder, like painful gallstones, or if your gallbladder gets infected, you might need to opt for gallbladder removal surgery. This surgery, in medical terms, is called a cholecystectomy.

A healthy gallbladder helps your bile flow uninterruptedly into your tiny bowels and breaks down the food you eat. People can live a healthy life even after gallbladder removal surgery. A few changes in diet can keep you away from discomfort after the surgery is done, says a top gastrointestinal surgeon.

Things you need to do after your gallbladder surgery:

Are you worried about the post-operative recovery process after the removal of your gallbladder? Dr. Soumen Das is there to guide you. Food plays a vital role in this process, says the doctor. The following tips will help you keep away the discomfort after your surgery.

Control your diet:

When you return home after the gallbladder surgery, you need to immediately control your diet. Your doctor will guide you on this. You may adopt a liquid diet for at least a few days till the first phase of your recovery ends. The liquid diet must consist of plain gelatin, broth, and water.

Add solid food items gradually:

After the first recovery stage, steadily add solid food items to your diet. But you need to make sure that you add small portions of solid food, and those should be non-spicy and low-fat. Your surgeon will advise you to intake food items that have approximately 3 grams of fat per meal.

A record of your diet chart:

If you keep a record of what sort of food items you are having, it will be easier for you to identify food items that are hurting you. Keep your meals as simple as possible, at least during the initial 3 to 4 weeks. Cut down your intake of snacks during this time. This will help you understand which food items are discomforting you.

Opt for moderately fiber-rich food items:

Have fibrous food items, and whenever you eat, eat slowly and chew everything properly before swallowing them. The best gastrointestinal surgeon in Kolkata suggests not having food items with too much fiber post-surgery like cruciferous vegetables, nuts, cereals, etc. Those may make you suffer from cramps and bloating and diarrhea.

Say no to high-fat food items:

After gallbladder surgery, patients face a few digestive issues, and in most cases, they experience frequent bowel movements. If you take smaller meals and choose low-fat food to eat, this problem will disappear.

Undergoing gallbladder surgery is not as scary as it sounds. You need to follow the instructions provided by your doctor regarding your food habit. If you incorporate just a few lifestyle changes, you can easily keep away your digestive issues, says the best gastrointestinal surgeon in Kolkata

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