Eye care in the monsoons

Eye care in the monsoons

by Dr. Somdutt Prasad

Posted on 11th May, 2023 at 5:54:51 AM

The high humidity and warmth of the current season make it an ideal breeding ground for bacteria, so you need to take care of your eyes, especially in the monsoons. If you are a contact lens wearer be extra careful. If you get drenched, wash your eyes with clean water once you get home, if you are a contact lens wearer and get drenched, remove your contact lens when you get home, wash your eyes with clean water and clean the contact lenses thoroughly, using your usual contact lens cleaning solution, before putting them on again.

Keep away ( and keep children away) from stagnant water. Splashing in puddles is not a good idea. If you feel any itching, wash your eyes with clean water, if it does not settle in a day or two see your eye specialist. You can use lubricating drops such as Moistane, Tears Naturalle, Genteel, Refresh Tear drops, or Lubrex yourself without seeing the eye specialist, however, if things do not settle quickly, you should see your eye doctor. Never use steroid drops or antibiotic drops without first consulting your eye specialist.

Wearing sunglasses when outdoors is protective if you are not a spectacle user.

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