All you need to know about ear correction surgery

All you need to know about ear correction surgery

by Dr. Vikram Singh Rathore

Posted on 6th May, 2023 at 6:57:52 AM

All you need to know about ear correction surgery

Do you want to change the size and shape of your ears? If yes, then, opting for an ear correction surgery must be your ultimate choice. This surgery also helps you to pin your ears back in case they start jutting out. In most cases, the results of an ear correction surgery have been quite satisfying. Alternatively, this surgery is known as pinnaplasty or otoplasty. This treatment is conventionally done on teenagers as well as kids. Sometimes, adults too can opt for this treatment option if they feel like it. So, today’s guide is all you need to know about ear correction surgery and the nitty-gritty pertaining to it.

Things to consider before undergoing an ear correction surgery

There are certain things to consider when getting your ear correction surgery done. Like, first and foremost, you need to consider the main reason for which you need to undergo this ear correction surgery. You can take as much as you want to come up with a firm decision. Depending on the condition of your ears, cosmetic surgery may or may not be the right fit for you. Hence, read the writeup given below as it is all you need to know about ear correction surgery basically. So, without delaying any further, let’s get started!

Ear Correction Surgery: A step-by-step procedure

The procedure that you need to adhere to depends on the kind of surgery you need to undergo basically. An adult or kid can undergo this surgery but only under local anesthesia. The best cosmetic surgeon in Kolkata can perform the same impeccably on your behalf. Alternatively, an Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) surgeon can perform this surgery in an effective manner as well. So, having said that below is a step-by-step procedure to undergo an ear correction surgery in the proper and expected way.

∙ To get started, the doctor will make a tiny cut within your ear first

∙ Your surgeon will do so simply to expose the cartilage of that ear

∙ Subsequently, he or she will remove the tiny pieces of the cartilage as and when required

∙ Then, your surgeon will put stitches at your ear’s back for reshaping or positioning it closer to your head

Completion of this surgery won’t take more than one to two hours. Plus, you can go back to your home the same day in case local anesthesia is applied to you. A bandage will be tied around your head. In response to it, your ears will start healing to their whole new position.  This will also protect your ear from any kind of infection.

A sneak peek into incision otoplasty

This is another brand-new technique that refrains from making any cuts within the skin. It includes the insertion of a needle into your ear’s surface. This way, you can make the whole of the cartilage much more flexible than before. Basically, these stitches are used for holding the ear in its transformed shape. Alternatively, it also fixes the cartilage to a particular bone that too behind your ear. This is also one of the key facts to know when it’s all you need to know about ear correction surgery and its various aspects. Only the best cosmetic surgeon in Kolkata can perform this surgery in the finest possible manner.

How to choose a surgeon?

Well, since you’ve already opted for ear correction surgery, now you need to choose an adept surgeon subsequently. To complete this task perfectly, there are certain points that you need to keep in mind. These include the following:

∙ Make sure that the hospital or clinic that you’ve chosen is authentically registered

∙ The surgeon who will perform the surgery should be authentically licensed and registered as well

∙ While looking for the surgeon or clinic online, make sure that you are opting only for the most reliable option.

∙ Avoid getting enticed by money seekers in the name of competent surgeons or clinics at any cost

Also, conduct an appointment with the surgeon prior to undergoing your ear correction surgery. While you speak to your surgeon, there are certain questions that you can ask him or her. These include their operation-based success rate, their versatility as a surgeon, experience, and qualifications, and so on and so forth.

Check out the recovery period

Keep the bandage dry and clean all the time that has been tied around your head. Until the bandage is removed you won’t be able to wash your hair in any way. If needed you will have to wear a headband as well. You will have to do so for quite a few weeks at night. This way you can protect your ears in the proper and expected way whilst you are asleep. Again, the stitches will come to your skin’s surface. Alternatively, it might make your ear feel quite tender from the inside. To alleviate any sort of pain, you can consume some kinds of painkillers too. Ibuprofen and paracetamol are only a few of them. Hence, the following are the consecutive stages pertaining to your recovery period.

Post seven to ten days

The bandage and stitches are removed one after the other. The bandage will be removed only if it has been used. Besides, the stitches will also be removed only if they aren’t dissolvable.

Post one to two weeks

The maximum number of kids can start going to their schools

Post four to six weeks

If the patient wants, he or she can swim a bit as well

Which is the perfect time to get an otoplasty done?

A person of any age can undergo an otoplasty. Since the ear takes around five years to grow fully, the ideal time for a kid would be between 5 to 6 years. Plus, it also won’t inflict the ear’s healthy growth in any way.

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