What happens before the heart operation?

What happens before the heart operation?

Posted by Rahul

Posted on 16th October, 2023 at 6:19:33 AM

Dr. Swapan Kumar De
Dr. Swapan Kumar De
MD, DM Cardiology)

Your surgeon will tell you about the Intensive care unit where you will be taken after surgery.
He/She will also tell you what to expect during surgery, give you instructions on coughing and explain how you might feel when you wake up.
Our physiotherapists will also teach you some breathing exercises which will help you to improve your lung function and for a smooth post-operative recovery.
You will also be given preoperative medication to help you relax.
Your chest area and your leg area will be prepared.
You may also have a urinary or Foley catheter to relieve your bladder during surgery and for a few hours after surgery.

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