Dr Kanj Kumar
ID:  MML-DOC-0000126

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Registration: 29595

Specialities: Addiction Psychiatrist, Allergist, Alternative Medicine Specialist, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist , Family Physician, Holistic Medicine Specialist, Homeopathy, Infertility Specialist, Oncologist, Paediatric Sleep Disorder specialist, Pain Management Specialist, Psychiatrist, Rheumatologist, Sexologist, Sleep Medicine Specialist (Somnologist).

Experience : 10 YRS

Address/Area: Nehru Chowk, Opp. Petrol Pump, CHAPRA Dist-SARAN, BIHAR, Chapra, India

Gayathri Soman
ID:  MML-HOSC-0001253

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Specialities: Occupational Medicine Specialist, Paediatric Development Disabilities, Paediatric Sleep Disorder specialist.

About Us: Jewel Autism Centre is one of its kind multidisciplinary child...

Why Us: We have incorporated international standards in all our programs for...

Address/Area: Jewel Autism And Child Development Centre , Ooppoottil Kavala, Chalukunnu, Kottayam, Kerala, Kerala, India

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