Dr. A. Shobhana
ID:  MML-DOC-0002340

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MD,IDCCM Consultant in Critical Care & Stroke Medicine

Specialities: Critical Care Specialist, Neurologist.

Experience : 15 years

Address/Area: Institute of Neuroscience 185/1 A.J.C. Bose Road, Kolkata 700 017 , Kolkata, India

ID:  MML-DOC-0000016

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Specialities: Addiction Psychiatrist, Aesthetic Dentist, Allergist, Alternative Medicine Specialist, Anaesthesiologist, Andrologist, Ayurvedic, Bariatric Surgeon, Bariatrics, Breast Surgeon, Cardiac Electro Physiologist, Cardiac Surgeon, Cardio Vascular Surgeon, Cardiologist , Cardiothoracic Surgeon, Cataract Surgeon, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist , Colorectal Surgeon, Cosmetologist, Critical Care Specialist, Dental Surgeon, Dentist, Dermatologist, Diabetologist, Emergency Medicine Physicians, Endocrinologist, Endodontist, ENT (Otolaryngologists), ENT Surgeon, Epileptologist, Eye Surgeon, Family Physician, Gastro-intestinal Surgeon, Gastroenterologist, General Physician, General Surgeon, Geneticist, Geriatrician, Glaucoma Surgeon, Gynecologic Oncologist, Gynecologist, Gynecologist & Obstetrician, Haematologist, Hair Transplant Surgeon, Hepatologist, Holistic Medicine Specialist, Homeopathy, Immunologist, Implantologist, In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) specialist, Infectious Disease Specialist, Infertility Specialist, Intensivist, Internal Medicine specialist, Interventional Cardiologist, Interventional Radiologist, Joint Replacement Surgeon, Kidney Transplant Specialist, Laparoscopic Surgeon, Liver Transplant Specialist, Naturopathic, Neonatologist, Nephrologist, Neuro Ophthalmologist, Neuro Psychiatrist, Neuro Radiologist, Neurologist, Neurosurgeon, Neurotologist, Nuclear Medicine Specialist, Occupational Medicine Specialist, Oncologist, Ophthalmologists (Eye specialist) , Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon, Orthodontist, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Otologist, Paediatric Cardiac Surgeon, Paediatric Cardiologist, Paediatric Critical Care Physician, Paediatric Dentist, Paediatric Dermatologist, Paediatric Development Disabilities, Paediatric Endocrinologist , Paediatric ENT-Otolaryngologist , Paediatric Gastroenterologist , Paediatric Infectious Disease Specialist , Paediatric Neurologist, Paediatric Oncologist, Paediatric Ophthalmologist, Paediatric Orthopaedist, Paediatric Pulmonologist, Paediatric Rheumatologist, Paediatric Sleep Disorder specialist, Paediatric Surgeon, Paediatric Urologist, Paediatrician, Pain Management Specialist, Palliative Care Specialist, Perinatologist/(Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialist), Periodontist, Phlebologist, Physiatrists (Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation) , Plastic Surgeon, Podiatrist , Preventive Medicine Specialist, Prosthodontist, Psychiatrist, Pulmonologist, Radiation Oncologist, Radiologist, Reproductive (Infertility) Endocrinologist, Rheumatologist, Sexologist, Siddha Specialist, Sleep Medicine Specialist (Somnologist), Spine surgeon, Sport Medicine Specialist, Surgical Oncologist, Thoracic Surgeon, Toxicologist, Transfusion Medicine Specialist, Transplant Surgeon, Traveller Medicine Specialist, Trichologist, Unani Specialist, Urogynaecologist, Urologist, Vascular Medicine Specialist, Vascular Surgeon, Veterinarian.

Address/Area: Rajarhat, Kolkata, India

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