Essential Tremor (Kinetic Tremor)

About- Essential tremor also referred to as benign tremorfamilial tremor, idiopathic tremor or kinetic tremor is a neurological disorder that causes uncontrolled and rhythmic shaking. Commonly affected areas are
Essential tremor Face
Essential tremor Forearms
Essential tremor Hands 
Essential tremor Head
Essential tremor Neck
Essential tremor Tongue
Essential tremor Torso
Essential tremor Balance disorder
Essential tremor Difficulty doing tasks with your hands, such as writing or using tools
Essential tremor Nodding head
Essential tremor Shaking voice
Essential tremor Tremors begin gradually, usually on one side of the body
Essential tremor Tremors may be aggravated by emotional stress, hunger, fatigue, smoking, caffeine or very cold or very hot temperatures
Essential tremor Tremors that lessen with rest
Essential tremor Uncontrollable head-nodding
Essential tremor Uncontrollable shaking that occurs for brief periods 
Essential tremor Usually occur in the hands first (one hand or both hands)
Essential tremor Worsen with movement
The exact cause is not known, in most cases, it occurs due to result from a genetic mutation.
Specialists to visit
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Neurologist Geriatrician
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Essential tremor

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