Food Allergy (Food Hypersensitivity)

About- Food allergy or food hypersensitivity is an abnormal immune system reaction that occurs almost immediately after consuming a certain food. 
Food allergy Abdominal pain
Food allergy Allergic conjunctivitis
Food allergy Anaphylaxis (in severe case)
Food allergy Breathing difficulties
Food allergy Diarrhea
Food allergy Dizziness
Food allergy Eczema
Food allergy Fainting
Food allergy Hives
Food allergy Lightheadedness
Food allergy Low blood pressure
Food allergy Nasal congestion
Food allergy Nausea or vomiting
Food allergy Swelling of the lips, face, tongue, and throat (angioedema)
Food allergy Tingling or itching in the mouth
Food allergy Wheezing
Some trigger factors are
a) Milk Products
Food allergy Butter
Food allergy Cheese
Food allergy Cow's Milk
Food allergy Cream
Food allergy Ice cream
Food allergy Margarine
Food allergy Milk powder
Food allergy Yogurt
b) Tree Nuts
Food allergy Almonds
Food allergy Brazil nuts
Food allergy Cashews
Food allergy Hazelnuts
Food allergy Macadamia nuts
Food allergy Pine nuts
Food allergy Pistachios
Food allergy Walnuts

c) Eggs
d) Peanuts (groundnuts)
e) Shellfish
Food allergy Crab
Food allergy Crayfish
Food allergy Lobster
Food allergy Mussels
Food allergy Prawns
Food allergy Scallops
Food allergy Shrimp
Food allergy Squid
f) Fish
g) Aniseed
h) Avocado
i) Banana
j) Celery
k) Chamomile
l) Wheat
m) Garlic
n) Soy
o) Linseed
p) Sesame seed
q) Kiwi fruit
r) Mustard seeds
s) Passion fruit
t) Peach

Specialists to visit
Gastroenterologist Gastroenterologist

Gastroenterologist Immunologist
Gastroenterologist Nutritionist

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