About- Ectropion is an uncomfortable eye condition in which lower eyelid droops away from the eye and turns outward, exposing the surface of the inner eyelid.
Ectropion Conjunctivitis
Ectropion Dry eye
Ectropion Eye pain
Ectropion Irritation and burning sensation in the eye
Ectropion Red-eye
Ectropion Sensitivity to light
Ectropion Watery eyes
The primary cause of
Ectropion is muscle weakness or tissue relaxation. Probable factors are  
Ectropion Benign or cancerous growths on the eyelid
Ectropion Bell's palsy
Ectropion Down syndrome
Ectropion Injury
Ectropion Muscle weakness occurs as part of the normal aging process
Ectropion Previous eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty)
Ectropion Radiation treatment of the eyelids
Ectropion Rapid and significant weight loss
Ectropion Skin cancer
Specialist to visit
Ophthalmologists Ophthalmologists

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