Bone Tumor

About-bone tumor also called bone neoplasm is an abnormal benign or malignant growth of tissue in bone.
Types of benign bone tumors
 Nonossifying fibroma unicameral
 Giant cell tumors
 Fibrous dysplasia
 Aneurysmal bone cyst
Types of malignant bone tumors
 Ewing sarcoma 
 Bone pain may worsen at night, and may sometimes increase with activity.
 Swelling and tenderness near the affected area
 Weak and fragile bone
 Unintentional weight loss
 Night Sweats

Causes -The exact cause of bone tumor is unknown. Possible reasons are 
 Radiation exposure
 Anticancer drugs
 Injuries to the bones

Specialists to Visit
 Radiation Oncologist
 Orthopedic Surgeon

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