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Dr. Shubhankar Deb


Gender:  Male

Language Spoken:  Bengali, English, Hindi

Experience:  30 Years

Email ID : doctorsdeb@yahoo.in

Contact No. : 98310 12603

Primary Chamber:  Calcutta Oncology Clinic 5. Harish Mukherjee Road (opp. PG Hospital Gurdwara) Kolkata 700 025, West Bengal, India, Kolkata, India

Website: https://www.calcuttayellowpages.com/

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Professional Statement

Dr. Deb has been relentlessly pursuing the field of oncology for almost two decades. He has worked as Cancer Surgeon in various renowned hospitals of the city. He is currently the Head of, Department of Onco-Surgery at AMRI Hospitals, Dhakuria, Kolkata. He is also a Senior Consultant Onco-Surgeon at Kothari Medical Centre, Kolkata. Formerly he was Senior Consultant Cancer Surgeon at Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals, Kolkata. AMRI Hospitals Kolkata, Dhakuria is one of the most renowned multi-disciplinary hospitals of Eastern India, where a cancer treatment facility has been developed as a super specialty unit. It has three departments namely, the Department of Surgical Oncology, Medical Oncology, and Radiation Oncology. Dr. Deb had conducted over 6000 cancer and tumor operations successfully with excellent results. Dr.Deb has received specialized training in hepato-billiary cancer in ASAN MEDICAL CENTRE, SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, a world-famous hospital for liver transplant and hepatic-biliary cancer surgeries. Subsequent to his specialized overseas training, Dr Deb has performed over 100 successful liver resections. His work was highly commended by the medical fraternity. Apart from this, he regularly performs operations for breast cancer, oral cancer, throat cancer, thyroid cancer, gastrointestinal cancer, gynecological cancer, urological cancer, and other miscellaneous cancers.


Dr. Subhankar Deb has done his Master’s in Surgery (MS) from Calcutta University and subsequently received the highly prestigiousDiplomate of National Board Degree (DNB) conferred by the Ministry of Health, Government of India

Received training at the world-famous hospital for Gastro-Intestinal cancer surgery, ASAN MEDICAL CENTER, Seoul, South Korea in the following areas:

Esophageal and stomach cancer surgery

Whipple's surgery for pancreatic cancer

Liver resection for hepato-biliary cancer

Colorectal cancer surgery etc.

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Experience Details

  • 22 years of experience in the field of cancer surgery and oncology
  • Over 6000 successful cancer and tumouroperations with less than 1% mortality
  •  Over 2000 oral cancer and other head and neck cancers such as thyroid cancer, parotid tumour, lanryngeal cancer (ie. total laryngectomy with voice conservationoperation )
  • Over 1000 breast cancer surgeries
  • 1000 gyneacological cancer surgeries (ovarian cancer, cervical cancer, endometrial cancer)
  • Over 1000 GI cancer and tumour surgeries (stomach& esophageal cancer, gall bladder, pancreas and liver cancer, colorectal cancer & retroperitoneal cancer etc)
  • Over 1000 miscellaneous tumours and cancers as well as kidney, urinary bladder and lung cancer surgeries

Doctor's Additional Chambers
AMRI Hospital - Dhakuria Block-A, Scheme-L11, P-4&5, Gariahat Rd, Dhakuria, Ward Number 90, Kolkata, West Bengal 700029 Contact No. 033 6680 0000
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Kothari Medical Centre 8/3, Alipur Rd, Alipore, Kolkata, West Bengal 700027 Contact No. 033 4012 7000
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