Tips to Improve Your Mental Health

Tips to Improve Your Mental Health

by Dr Sagnik Mukherjee

Posted on 4th December, 2023 at 7:06:39 PM

Mental Health is as important as psychical help, here we have some useful mental health improvement tips from Dr Sagnik Mukherjee, the best psychiatrist in Kolkata.

Make your bedroom dark at night, if you are too afraid of darkness then try a low light enough just to make everything merely visible.

Eating 1 hour before bedtime is good but not before 3 hours.

Stop overthinking, at least give it a try.

Forgive yourself and others, yes we are not saints but at least give it a try, don’t know about others but you must forgive yourself, don’t blame yourself for everything or for anything. We are not gods, we can do mistakes. This is human nature, if you feel guilty too much, everybody will give you more guilt, no one will help you.

Stop even thinking about doing everything with ultimate perfection, no one is perfect and that is true, not even Aamir Khan.

Don’t allow others to tell you what you should think about yourself.

Immediately, no matter how. Throw all toxic people from your life, and if that person is family then avoid as much as you can.

Angry? punch a pillow when you are in a room alone.

Cry, yes men can cry too. again when you are in a room alone because if someone knows that you are emotionally vulnerable, you will be misused, the worst-case scenario, the close one can call you dramatic and that will hurt you badly.

read books, you hate books? Ok then play the video games, you don’t like video games? Watch TV, go swim, run.

wear brighter colours.

Meet friends regularly, only friends who belong to your level or web length.

These things may sound very easy but the opposite, always help yourself as well as others who have mental health issues, encourage people to visit psychiatrists, that does not make them mad or psycho, not meeting a psychiatrist on time can lead to a dangerous situation for both the patient and family members.

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