Hernia in men vs. women: Know the difference

Hernia in men vs. women: Know the difference

by Dr. Sanjoy Mandal

Posted on 20th September, 2023 at 6:40:35 AM

Hernia is a common condition that occurs when an organ protrudes through a weakened muscle. While hernias can affect both men and women, there are some differences in the types of hernias that are more common in each gender. Understanding these differences can help individuals seek appropriate treatment from a laparoscopic hernia surgery specialist.

The difference in types of hernia between men and women

In men, inguinal hernias are most common. These hernias occur on either side of the groin area where the thigh meets the torso and are often the result of a weakened abdominal wall. In women, inguinal hernias are less common but can still occur. Femoral hernias occur just below the groin area and are more common in women. They are another type of hernia that occurs due to weakened abdominal muscles.

Other types of hernias, such as umbilical hernias, can occur in both men and women. Umbilical hernias occur when tissue protrudes through the abdominal muscles near the belly button. However, one of the best laparoscopic hernia surgery specialists said that umbilical hernias are more common in women because of pregnancy.

According to a statement made by a reputed laparoscopic hernia surgeon in Kolkata, there is another type of hernia known as hiatal hernia which is more common in women than men. Hiatal hernias are a type of hernia that occurs when the weakened muscles force the stomach to bulge through an opening in the diaphragm into the chest cavity. They are commonly diagnosed in obese women who are above the age of 50.

Treatment of hernia in men and women

The treatment of hernias is generally the same for both men and women, regardless of the type of hernia. The most effective treatment for a hernia is a surgical operation, which involves making an incision, putting the enlarged tissue, and then stitching the area. The surgery may be either open or laparoscopic.

Both men and women can receive mesh during hernia surgery which depends on the location and severity of the hernia, says a laparoscopic hernia surgeon in Kolkata.

In some cases, the use of mesh can help to strengthen the weakened muscle and reduce the risk of hernia reoccurrence.

If you suspect that you have developed a hernia, don’t delay in seeking evaluation and treatment. You can search online for “best laparoscopic surgeon near me” to get a list of reputed surgeons and consult them.


Hernias are a treatable condition. Besides surgical treatments, lifestyle changes such as maintaining a healthy weight, avoiding heavy lifting, and practicing good posture can prevent the risk of developing a hernia in the first place.

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