Regular health monitoring post COVID recovery

Regular health monitoring post COVID recovery

by Dr Amitabha Saha

Posted on 15th September, 2023 at 12:24:54 AM

Coronavirus has become the talk of the town and from children to the older adults, everyone is in fear of the virus. Several precautions are being taken to protect oneself from the deadly infection and to battle the situation with valour. 

Attention, please! 

Covid-19 pandemic has shaken the world leaving many dead and many more suffering. It has destroyed many families and the lockdown has left many unemployed and even homeless. Even for those having a shelter on their head, depression and anxiety seem to have disturbed their daily activities and mental health. Senior citizens are no behind. 

The constant fear of losing a loved one due to COVID has shattered their mental peace and arrested them to the corners of their homes alone and depressed. With a higher mortality rate for those above 80 years (as identified by WHO), it becomes necessary for the caregivers to pay extra attention to the elderly not just to keep them away from the virus but also to safeguard them from mental imbalance. 

Elderly care becomes more important for the ones who just battled the disease and emerged courageous. 

In such a condition, regular health monitoring becomes the utmost requirement of the elderly. In case you still wonder why your aged parents require regular health monitoring, here are some of the benefits of such elderly care services that you should know about. 

Addressing emergencies

As per Times of India (TOI), it is now has become an unavoidable trend for the COVID recovered patients to return back on the wheels to the hospital after a week or two of being discharged. Patients declared clear of COVID are returning back to the hospital with shortness of breath, fatigue, blood clots, crippled lungs, or even stroke. Senior citizens are no different! 

However, considering their age, it becomes difficult at times to understand what they are suffering from and if the sudden change in the body is signs of an emergency situation. That being said, regular health monitoring helps in supervising the condition and analysing if the aged needs to be hospitalized immediately. 

Not just hospitalization, the aged may require elderly care services that include emergency doctor visits or online doctor consultation to discuss the post COVID symptoms that they have been facing. 

Need help? 

Get in touch with Dr. Amitabha Saha, an adept medical practitioner who have been taking all the required measures in treating COVID-19 patients and helping them battle their suffering and situation once and for all. 

Offering companionship

With the news of the varying death toll to COVID-19 all around, it becomes a topic of fear and anxiety for the elderly patients. As mentioned, the constant fear of losing loved ones not only gets them depressed and stressed but may also lead to panic attacks and anxiety that may affect the heart health. Companionship in such conditions work wonders. The aged get someone beside to share their emotions and thoughts with that help them relax and calm themselves down. Companionship serves as a blessing for the aged residing alone amidst the pandemic situation with their children settle abroad. 

Increased safety 

The news of having someone increases the level of safety for the aged. Regular visits of the elderly care managers deter crime by keeping the elderly safe and secure. This proves highly beneficial for living alone amidst the COVID situation. 

Final thoughts…

Loneliness and depression along with fear are bound to creep in amidst this catastrophe. Elderly care managers for regular health monitoring can help in keeping anxiety and depression at bay while battling the condition with ease. 

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