A Helpful Guide To Hypothyroidism Disease

A Helpful Guide To Hypothyroidism Disease

by Dr Amitabha Saha

Posted on 16th July, 2023 at 6:09:12 AM

Hypothyroidism or underactive thyroid is also known as the Hashimoto disease. Hypothyroidism takes place when the thyroid gland in your body does not produce enough hormones to meet your body’s needs. The thyroid gland is a small butterfly-shaped gland in the frontal portion of your neck. The hormones produced by this small gland control very big functions in the body. For example, it affects one’s breathing, heart rate, digestion etc. When this gland starts underproducing the hormone, many of our bodily functions start slowing down. It is very essential to visit a doctor if you suffer from hypothyroidism or feel that you might be facing the symptoms of its onset. Dr. Amitabha saha is an experienced physician in this field with decades of experience. He is one of the leading general medicine doctors in Kolkata and one can book an appointment with him by looking up “hypothyroidism doctor near me” if they are in and around Kolkata.

What Causes Hypothyroidism?

There are several factors that can contribute to a person having hypothyroidism. Some of the most common factors are –

Iodine Deficiency – Iodine deficiency is the first cause for hypothyroidism in our country. Our body needs an ample amount of iodine for it to carry on many functions. For this, Iodine fortified salt has now become mandatory for our country. It can get the targeted amount of iodine from seafood and green vegetables which are grown in an iodine rich soil. Iodine is essential for the production of thyroid hormones and the deficiency of it can also cause problems.

Side Effect Of Hyperthyroidism Treatment – people who suffer from hyperthyroidism which is when the glands start producing excessive hormones, are treated with small doses of radioactive iodine and other anti-thyroid medications. Sometimes these medicines can end up lowering the production of hormones resulting in hypothyroidism in the patient.

Thyroid Surgery – some people have to undergo a thyroid surgery due to various complications. It involves removing a large part of the gland which affects the production of hormones. In case of severe underproduction of the hormones, one might need to opt for external hormone supply.

Pregnancy – Some women can develop hypothyroidism during or after pregnancy. Hypothyroidism exposes them to the risk of miscarriage, premature delivery or preeclampsia.

Hashimoto’s Disease – one of the most common cause of hypothyroidism is the autoimmune disorder called hashimoto’s disease. When your own body starts producing antibodies against your own tissues it is called an autoimmune disorder. These hormones affect the thyroid gland’s ability to produce hormones.

Symptoms Of Onsetting Hypothyroidism

  • Fatigue
  • Weight Gain
  • Muscle Weakness
  • Dry Skin
  • Increased Sensitivity To Cold
  • Constipation
  • Puffy Face
  • Muscle Aches
  • Muscle Stiffness Or Tenderness
  • High Blood Cholesterol Levels
  • Irregular Menstrual Cycle
  • Lower Heart Rate
  • Depression
  • Hoarseness
  • Thinning Hair
  • Memory Loss
  • Goiter
  • Hypothyroidism In Infants

Hypothyroidism generally occurs in people who are middle aged but it also does affect infants. Some babies can even be born with a defective thyroid gland or no gland at all. They tend to exhibit a few signs and symptoms which can be an alarm for the parents. As the disease progresses, the infants may start showing more evident symptoms which need to be cared for as soon as possible 

  • Yellowing of the skin and eyes.
  • Thickening and protruding of the tongue.
  • Hoarse crying.
  • Constipation
  • Poor muscle tone
  • Excessive sleep
  • Difficulty in breathing.
  • An umbilical hernia.

If the hypothyroidism is not detected and treated in its initial phases, it can cause severe mental issues in the future as the child grows up. They can face –

  • Mental retardation
  • Delayed puberty
  • Poor growth
  • No height or weight gain
  • Delayed development of permanent teeth.

The most common symptom of hypothyroidism is feeling sleepy and tired all the time. Some other common symptoms are dry skin, puffy face and hoarse voice. If you start experiencing all of them at the same time, it might be an indication that your body is not getting enough hormones produced and you need to see a professional about it. Dr. Amitabha saha has treated hundreds of patients with hypothyroidism and they have all been able to keep their disease under control under his guidance. Hypothyroidism does not go away overnight, so getting the proper medication and guidance is essential to lead a healthy and happy life. Scheduling follow-up visits with Dr. Saha after visiting him for the first time is important since it will allow him to keep track of your disease’s progression or regression and suggest medications accordingly. Hundreds of people look up to Dr. AMITABHA saha for guidance and excellent treatment since he is the best general medicine doctor in Kolkata.

Untreated hypothyroidism can lead to a number of problems like goiter, infertility, mental health issues, myxedema etc. so getting checked up when there is even the tiniest bit of suspicion is important for you and your health.

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