Skin Diseases Due To Diabetes

Skin Diseases Due To Diabetes

by Dr Amitabha Saha

Posted on 24th July, 2023 at 6:24:57 AM

Most of us are aware of diabetes, which is a disease that takes place inside our body when the level of glucose in our blood which is also known as the blood sugar gets really high. It should be addressed that patients suffering from diabetes have a high risk of developing diabetes-related skin diseases because diabetes happens to affect many parts of your body including the skin. The high blood sugar is to blame. Sometimes when the blood sugar gets back under control, the rashes of the skin start to go away. It is actually quite common amongst diabetic patients to develop a skin rash. The chances of someone having itchy, dry, and irritable skin increases altogether when they are suffering from diabetes. If someone does not have diabetes but is facing the related skin conditions it can also mean that they are starting to show first signs of high blood sugar.

Types of Skin Disease due to Diabetes –

Acanthosis Nigricans –  As per the diabetic specialists, this condition usually affects people who are overweight which is why the best solution for this is also losing weight. In this disease, brown areas or tan appear on the sides of the neck of the person, sometimes in armpits as well. The spots can also appear on the elbows, the knees and hands.

Diabetic Dermopathy – This disease is a side effect of Diabetes. This condition often has the appearance of scaly brown patches on the skin. They can look circular or oval. Usually these patches do not hurt much. It is mostly harmless.

Necrobiosis Lipoidica Diabeticorum – This is another disease which is caused when there are changes in the blood vessels. NLD mostly results in the formation of spots that are similar looking to diabetic dermopathy but in NLD they are deeper, larger and less in number. The first signs are a dull and reddish area on the skin which after a while starts looking a little shiny. These spots can be painful and sometimes they also crack open. This condition is actually quite rare and mostly happens to adult women.

Bullosis Diabeticorum – Commonly known as diabetic blisters, bullosis diabeticorum occurs on the back of hands, fingers, feet and sometimes on the forearms and legs. They mostly look like burnt out blisters and appear in patients having diabetic neuropathy. They can be large but are usually painless and naturally heal by themselves in a few week’s time.

Digital Sclerosis – Diabetic patients can develop thick and waxy skin on the back of their hands or sometimes on the toes and forehead as well. The joints of the fingers become tight and stiff and their movement is disrupted. Patients having type one diabetes are the ones who mostly face this particular disorder.

Taking care of your skin and prevention –

The most obvious prevention of these skin diseases is to make sure that you keep the blood sugar levels in check and within the range. Besides that, there are some other steps that can help lower the chances of getting a skin infection –

  • Regularly check for signs of infections and rashes or redness or sores appearing on the surface of your skin.
  • Use mild warm water and quality moisturizing soap while you are showering.
  • Make sure to pat your skin dry with a towel and do not rub. Take special care to dry the spaces between your fingers, toes, and fold in the skin.
  • After a shower, while the skin is still soft and damp, try using fragrance-free moisturizers. Try using creams that help in retaining moisture.
  • You can use creams that have 10% to 25% urea as these help in cases of cracked and dry heels.
  • Ensure that you are preventing any sort of dehydration by drinking enough fluids throughout the day.
  • Whenever there is a cut or a wound, treat it immediately. You can use other antibiotic ointments if your doctor says so. Contact your doctor if you see any signs of pain or redness or infection.
  • You can arrange for a humidifier in your room to add extra moisture to the air.

Treatment with Dr. Amitabha Saha

Dr. Amitabha Saha has been a known heart specialist in Kolkata and is exceptionally known for being a specialist in the field of internal medicine and critical care. He deals with many diseases and specializes in many more including diabetes. Therefore he is undoubtedly an expert who you can go to if you are facing something similar. He is one of the best in the field and has enriched expertise of over 22 years.
It should be noted that skin rashes and skin diseases related to diabetes are sometimes signs of undiagnosed diabetes and often the sign of pre-diabetes in a patient. It could also indicate that your treatment of diabetes needs to be readjusted. Thus if you are looking for a specialist who can handle your case Dr. Amitabha Saha would be an excellent choice as a diabetic specialist since he deals with diabetes patients and everything related to that.

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