Why Sunlight and Vitamin D for Bone Health in Cities or Urban Areas Is Important

Why Sunlight and Vitamin D for Bone Health in Cities or Urban Areas Is Important

by Dr. Shailendra Patil

Posted on 3rd May, 2021 at 5:58:52 AM

Why Sunlight and Vitamin D for Bone Health in Cities or Urban Areas Is Important

Vitamin D is quite important for our bone health and overall system. Not only does it keep our teeth and bones in good working condition, but Vitamin D has shown great results in people suffering from type 1 diabetes. Vitamin D is different from the other vitamins and nutrients as it happens to be the only nutrient that our body can produce on its own.

Sunlight is the most natural and easiest way to get vitamin D. Expose your body to direct sunlight for 10-30 minutes (depending on your skin color and sensitivity). You could also perform simple exercises in the morning (under the sun) to get enough sunlight.

Vitamin D for Your Bone Health                

For healthy bones, your body must have the required levels of calcium and phosphorus. However, we can’t only rely on the supplements to get the calcium our body requires. There is a good chance our kidneys will excrete the excess calcium. That’s when Vitamin D comes into the picture.

This nutrient helps your intestines to absorb sufficient calcium, instead of excreting them. The bowlegged appearance in children is highly likely to occur because of severe vitamin D deficiency. If your body doesn’t get adequate vitamin D, it will soften your bones, and cause a medical condition called “osteomalacia”.  If that happens, you will suffer from a weak bone structure and musical weakness.

Healthy Pregnancy

Pregnant women are given vitamin supplements in the first trimesters. That’s mainly because the research has shown that pregnant women suffering from the deficiency of vitamin D are likely to give premature birth. It also increases the risk of preeclampsia.

Lower Risk of Flu

According to a 2018 study, vitamin D can help lower your risk of the influenza virus. That makes it one of the most important nutrients in these tough times. It doesn’t guarantee protection from the COVID-19 or any other viral infection, but if the research is to be believed, then vitamin D can make your immune system strong enough to fight infections.

Lower Risk of Joint and Knee Pain

Vitamin d deficiency may not result in pain or a chronic medical condition that could require immediate care. However, the deficiency can increase your risk of developing knee or joint pain after you cross 50. The pain gets worse if the deficiency remains untreated. Dr. Shailendra Patil recommends ACL reconstruction surgery in Thane if the pain worsens or is accompanied by other painful symptoms.

The hip or knee replacement surgery is your last resort for the knee pain that occurs because of osteoarthritis. Not only does vitamin D deficiency cause chronic knee and joint pains, but it is also linked to a slow recovery after the surgery. You can discuss your options with the hip Replacement Surgeon in Mulund if you have been experiencing painful joint symptoms for a while. TKR with Robonavigation in Thane is available for patients who need a complete joint replacement.

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