Treatment of neurological disorders

Treatment of neurological disorders


Posted on 7th September, 2020 at 7:45:32 PM

The treatment of neurological disorders has always been a globally challenging field of study. The common belief is that once a nerve cell is damaged, it cannot be healed. Over the last few decades neuroscientists have conducted numerous studies to disbar this ideology. Many such scientists have been successful in doing so. An Indian neurosurgeon, Dr. Alok Sharma, is one such neuroscientist who has successfully proven the application of cell therapy in India for neurological disorders. In the last decade Dr. Alok Sharma has accomplished to treat the highest number of neurological disorders with cell therapy in India. 


Regenerative medicine with cell therapy is one such branch of medicine which has shown great potential in the treatment of neurological disorders. Cell therapy in India utilises different cells such as umbilical cord cells, adult bone marrow derived cells, and induced pluripotent cells. The most commonly used cells for cell therapy is the umbilical cord blood cells. They are preserved at the time of birth and have great scope in treating hematological disorders (sickle cell anemia) or organ related disorders during the course of the patient’s life. 

For neurological disorders, adult autologous bone marrow derived stem cells are known to be extremely effective. They are taken from the patient’s own body (autologous) and, therefore, pose an almost negligible risk of rejection. At his hospital in India, Dr. Alok Sharma conducts cell therapy for several incurable neurological disorders like cerebral palsy, autism, stroke, head injury, spinal cord injury, cerebellar ataxia, motor neuron disease, Down’s syndrome and other neuromuscular degenerative conditions like spinal muscular atrophy & muscular dystrophy. Dr. Alok Sharma’s Institute,NeuroGen BSI is well known for successfully having treated over 8000 cases of incurable neurological disorder with cell therapy in India.

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