Recovery Tips by a Cancer Surgeon Post-Gallbladder Surgery

Recovery Tips by a Cancer Surgeon Post-Gallbladder Surgery

by Dr Soumen Das

Posted on 22nd May, 2023 at 7:40:21 AM

After gallbladder surgery, you might feel disoriented or drowsy due to the painkillers and anesthesia. Well, this is normal, and there’s nothing to be worried about. In this blog, you will get some valuable recovery tips from a cancer surgeon in Kolkata that will help you get well soon after gallbladder surgery.

Ideas suggested by a cancer surgeon for a quick and effective recovery

Here are a few recovery tips shared by one of the best gastrointestinal oncologists in Kolkata after you undergo gallbladder cancer surgery.

Right diet

After gallbladder surgery, the bowel usually stops working for a while. Until it starts typically in a healthy way, it is essential to eat healthy food. Any GI doctor would recommend including protein and carbohydrates in your regular diet, such as whole grains, eggs, seafood, and meat. Apart from this, it is also advisable to drink plenty of water to help a smooth bowel movement. You also need to avoid oily and spicy food that can disrupt the function of your bowel movement. Based on your current condition, a GI cancer doctor may also prescribe anti-diarrhea medicines to slow down your bowel movement. It is advisable to avoid caffeine in tea and coffee to avoid the risk of diarrhea. Following these diet tips will help you maintain a good and healthy digestive system and avoid any further gastrointestinal issues in your body after the gallbladder surgery.

Proper rest

After undergoing gallbladder surgery, you need to take proper rest. Taking a rest doesn’t mean you should sit idle and do nothing; instead, you should also attempt to get up and walk as often as possible.

Healing wound

It is vital to continue properly dressing your wound properly until it gets fully recovered. Nowadays, most surgeons use stitches that dissolve on their own once the wound is healed. If you have clips or stitches which need to be removed, they will be left in for at least 9 to 10 days and taken out before getting discharged from the hospital.


Feeling pain for the first week after gallbladder cancer surgery is normal. Hence, painkillers are prescribed by the best cancer doctor in Kolkata to ease your pain, especially during any physical movement in the abdominal area.

These are a few tips you should follow after undergoing gallbladder surgery. In case of any issue in the abdominal area after the surgery, it is recommended to consult a gallbladder cancer surgeon in Kolkata soon to avoid any consequences.

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