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Can There Be Complications With Your Plastic Surgery?

Can There Be Complications With Your Plastic Surgery?

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Posted on 22nd March, 2023 at 3:16:57 PM

Dr Srinjoy Saha
Dr Srinjoy Saha
MBBS, MS, MRCS, M Ch (Plast), Fellowship (Harvard)

All types of surgery are "high risk, high reward" procedures, and thus carry some inherent risk. Plastic surgery is no exception. Different people have different genetic mechanisms and body reactions that affect their ability to heal after surgery.

Best plastic surgeons like Dr. Srinjoy Saha take all these factors into account before planning your surgery. He devises treatment plans in a mostly foolproof way so that you heal well and with minimal complications. Having said that, there are no guarantees or warranties in any type of plastic surgery or cosmetic procedure.

Depending on your type of surgery and your overall health condition, the following is a list of the most common risks and complications associated with any plastic surgery:

~ Infection. Pus formation. Sepsis.

~ Excessive bleeding. Hemorrhage. Hematoma.

~ Bruising. Darkened areas, mostly temporary.

~ Difficulty in wound healing. Wound dehiscence.

~ Blackening or necrosis of skin margins.

~ Scarring problems - atrophic or hypertrophic scars.

~ Pigmentation problems - hypo-pigmentation (more whitish) or hyper-pigmentation (more blackish).

~ Anesthesia problems like nausea, vomiting, giddiness, light-headedness, sore throat, etc.

~ Other problems that are specific to the type of plastic surgery you are planning to undertake.

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