Vaginal Dryness

About- Vaginal dryness is a common problem for women at any age, although mostly occurs in older women, particularly after Menopause.
The associated symptoms are

 Vaginal soreness, irritation, itchiness or burning sensation
 Discomfort and pain during intercourse
 Bleeding after intercourse
 Low libido
 The pale and thin look of the vaginal surface
 Narrowing or shortening of the vagina
 Frequent Urination
 Frequent urinary tract infections (UTIs) 
The main cause of Vaginal dryness is the reduced female hormone level called estrogen, which helps to keep vaginal tissue healthy by maintaining normal vaginal lubrication, tissue elasticity and acidity. The factors which cause reduced estrogen level are
 Cancer treatment such as radiation to the pelvis, hormone therapy, or chemotherapy
 Oophorectomy (ovary removal surgery)
 Effects on the ovaries from cancer therapy
 Immune system disorders, such as Sjogren’s syndrome
 Using anti-estrogen drugs for breast cancer or endometriosis
 Using contraception
 Not being aroused before sex
 Excessive stress
 Rigorous exercise 

Specialist to visit
 Gynaecologist and Obstetrician

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Vaginal dryness

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