Tricuspid Atresia

About- Tricuspid atresia is a congenital heart defect in which tricuspid valve between two of the heart's chambers isn't formed properly rather a solid tissue is formed in that place which restricts blood flow and causes the right lower heart chamber (ventricle) to be underdeveloped.
 Rapid breathing
 Shortness of breath
 Fatigue that occurs during feeding
 Delayed growth
 Poor weight gain
 Swelling (edema) in the legs, ankles and feet
 Swelling of the abdomen (ascites)
The exact cause of this 
congenital heart defect is usually unknown. Several risk factors are
 Mother with German measles (rubella) or another viral illness during early pregnancy
 Mother with diabetes
 Parent with a congenital heart defect
 Older parental age at conception
 Mother's obesity
 Alcoholism and smoking before or during pregnancy
 Effect of certain medications during pregnancy, such as the acne drug isotretinoin (Claravis, Amnesteem, others), some anti-seizure medications and some bipolar disorder medications
 Down syndrome
Specialists to visit
 Pediatric Cardiologist
 Medical Geneticist
 Cardiovascular surgeon

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