Writer's Cramp

About- Writer's cramp, also called mogigraphia and scrivener's palsy, musician’s cramp, focal hand dystonia, arm dystonia, finger dystonia, task-specific dystonia, occupational cramp or dystonia, is a disorder caused by cramps or spasms of certain muscles of the hand and/or forearm, mostly occur during performing fine motor tasks, such as writing or playing an instrument.

 Difficulties holding a pen or pencil

 Fingers gripping will be very hard while holding a pen or pencil
 Wrists flexing
 Wrists and elbows move into unusual positions
 Hands or fingers failing to respond properly

Experts think that repetitive hand movements result in the remapping of certain parts of the brain. It may be associated with
 Poor writing posture 
 Holding the pen or pencil improperly.
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Writer's cramp

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