Rectal Bleeding

 About- Rectal bleeding is a medical condition occurs when blood passes from the anus usually due to bleeding from the lower colon or rectum.
 Abdominal pain or cramping
 Black, tarry stools
 Bright red or dark red or wine colored blood passes from the anus
 Rectal pain
 Anal cancer
 Anal fissures 
 Colon cancer
 Colon polyps
 Crohn's disease
 Hard stools
 Hemorrhoids in the anus or rectum
 Intestinal infection, such as salmonella infection
 Ischemic colitis 
 Pseudomembranous colitis 
 Radiation therapy
 Ulcer of the rectum
 Ulcerative colitis 

Specialists to visit
 Colon & Rectal Surgeon

 General Physician

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Rectal bleeding

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