Neuropathic Pain

About- Neuropathic pain is a pain caused by the damage or disease affecting the somatosensory nervous system.
Neuropathic pain Emotional problems
Neuropathic pain Feeling unwell
Neuropathic pain Insomnia
Neuropathic pain Spontaneous shooting, burning, or stabbing pain
Neuropathic pain Tingling and numbness

Neuropathic pain Accidents or trauma
Neuropathic pain Arthritis in the spine
Neuropathic pain Carpal tunnel syndrome
Neuropathic pain Facial nerve problems
Neuropathic pain Infection
Neuropathic pain Surgery
Neuropathic pain Thyroid problems
Neuropathic pain Vitamin B deficiency
Specialist to visit
Neurologist Neurologist

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Neuropathic pain

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