About- Lymphedema, also known as lymphoedema and lymphatic edema, lymphatic obstruction is a long-term medical condition where excess fluid collects in tissues causing swelling (edema) in the arm or leg to occur due to a lymphatic system blockage.
Lymphedema Blister
Lymphedema Frequent infections
Lymphedema Hardening and thickening of the skin (fibrosis)
Lymphedema Limited movement
Lymphedema Pain and discomfort
Lymphedema A sensation of heaviness or tightness
Lymphedema Skin discoloration
Lymphedema Swelling (edema) of the arm or leg, including fingers or toes
Lymphedema Cancer in the lymph nodes and lymph vessels 
Lymphedema Cellulitis infection
Lymphedema Deep vein thrombosis
Lymphedema Eczema
Lymphedema Late-onset lymphedema (lymphedema tarda)
Lymphedema Meige's disease (lymphedema praecox)
Lymphedema Milroy's disease (congenital lymphedema)
Lymphedema Parasite infections
Lymphedema Radiation treatment for cancer
Lymphedema Removal of or injury to lymph nodes and lymph vessels
Lymphedema Rheumatoid arthritis
Lymphedema Severe skin burns
LymphedemaVaricose veins
LymphedemaVenous leg ulcers

Specialists to visit
Lymphedema Occupational Therapist
Lymphedema Physiotherapist

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