About-Laryngitis also called laryngeal inflammation is an inflammation of the voice box (larynx).
Laryngitis A constant urge to clear the throat
Laryngitis Dry cough
Laryngitis Dry throat
Laryngitis Fever
Laryngitis Hoarseness
Laryngitis Sore throat
Laryngitis Swollen glands
Laryngitis Trouble speaking
Laryngitis Weak voice

Laryngitis Acid reflux
Laryngitis Alcoholism
Laryngitis Bacterial infections
Laryngitis Chemical fumes, allergens, or smoke inhalation
Laryngitis Diphtheria
Laryngitis Overuse of the voice
Laryngitis Sinusitis
Laryngitis Smoking
Laryngitis Viral infections
Laryngitis Vocal strain

Specialist to visit
Laryngitis Otolaryngologist

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