Gestational Diabetes (Diabetes During Pregnancy)

About- Gestational diabetes also called diabetes during pregnancy is a condition in which the blood sugar levels become high during pregnancy and that can affect pregnancy and baby's health.
Gestational diabetes A dry mouth
Gestational diabetes Blurred vision
Gestational diabetes Frequent urination
Gestational diabetes Excessive thirst
Gestational diabetes Fatigue
Gestational diabetes Snoring
The exact reason for developing this disease is not clear.
Risk factors
Gestational diabetes Age greater than 25
Gestational diabetes Family or personal history of diabetes
Gestational diabetes Have given birth to a large baby 
Gestational diabetes Obesity

Specialists to visit
Endocrinologist Endocrinologist

Endocrinologist Gynecologist and Obstetrician
Endocrinologist Nutritionist

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Gestational diabetes

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