About- Gangrene is a serious medical condition occurs when a lack of oxygen-rich blood causes body tissue to die, generally develops in the toes, feet, fingers, and hands.
Types of gangrene
gangrene Dry gangrene- occurs when one of our body parts isn’t getting enough oxygen

gangrene Wet gangrene- occurs due to bacterial infection
gangrene Gas gangrene- occurs due to bacterial (Clostridia) infection that causes gas bubbles and toxins inside the affected area
gangrene A foul-smelling discharge from the sore
gangrene Blister formation
gangrene Cold discolored skin
gangrene Fever
gangrene Numbness
gangrene Sudden, severe pain
gangrene Swelling
gangrene Thin, shiny skin
gangrene Bacterial Infection
gangrene Insufficient blood supply
gangrene Trauma or injury
Risk Factors
gangrene Animal bite
gangrene Appendicitis
gangrene Arteriosclerosis 
gangrene Blood clots
gangrene Cancer treatment
gangrene Certain medications
gangrene Diabetes
gangrene Frostbite
gangrene Head injury
gangrene Hernia
gangrene HIV/AIDS
gangrene Obesity
gangrene Raynaud’s disease
gangrene Serious burn
gangrene Smoking
gangrene Using illegal drugs
gangrene Weak immune system
Specialists to visit
General Surgeon General Surgeon

General Surgeon Infectious Disease Doctor
General Surgeon Vascular Medicine Doctor
General Surgeon Vascular Surgeon

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