Ganglion Cyst

About- Ganglion cysts also called bible cyst are benign fluid-filled lumps below the surface of the skin, generally develops near a joint or tendon of wrists or hands.
Ganglion cysts A tingling sensation
Ganglion cysts A visible lump
Ganglion cysts Discomfort
Ganglion cysts Mobility loss
Ganglion cysts Numbness
Ganglion cysts Pain
The exact cause of
Ganglion cysts is not known. It occurs when fluid accumulates in a joint or around the tendons. Probable causes are
Ganglion cysts Joint or tendon injury or trauma
Ganglion cysts Osteoarthritis
Ganglion cysts Overuse
Specialists to visit
Orthopedic Surgeon General Physician

Orthopedic Surgeon Hand Surgeon
Orthopedic Surgeon Orthopedic Surgeon
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Ganglion cysts

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