About- Delirium also known as an acute confusional state is a serious mental disorder resulting in confused thinking and reduced awareness of the environment.
 Agitation or combative behavior
 An inability to stay focused
 Anxiety, fear or paranoia
 Decreased responsiveness
 Easy distraction
 Getting stuck on an idea
 Irritability or anger
 Memory problem
 Mood swings
 Personality changes
 Sleep problems
 Speaking or reading difficulty
 Withdrawn activities
 Alcohol or drug abuse or withdrawal
 Changes in environment
 Emotional distress
 Exposure to a toxin
 Kidney or liver injury/failure
 Lack of oxygen to the tissues
 Lack of sleep
 Low sodium or calcium
 Severe, chronic or terminal illness
 Side effect of certain medications
 Surgery or other medical procedures that include anesthesia
 Urinary tract infection

Specialists to Visit -
 Clinical Psychologist


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