About- Dehydration takes place when our body loses more fluid than we drink resulting in insufficient water and other fluids in the body to carry out its normal functions.

An Infant or young child
 Dry mouth and tongue
 In babies sunken soft spot on top of the skull
 Lack of energy
 No tears when crying
 No wet diapers for three or more hours
 Sunken eyes, cheeks

 Dark or yellow-colored urine
 Dry or sticky mouth
 Dry, cool skin
 Extreme thirst
 Lack of energy
 Lack of sweating
 Less frequent urination
 Low blood pressure
 Muscle cramps and weakness
 Rapid breathing
 Rapid heartbeat
 Sunken eyes
 Damaged blood vessels due to burn
 Drink insufficient water
 Excessive sweating
 Increased urination
 Kidney disease
 Work or exercise outside for a long time
 Heat cramps
 Kidney failure
 Kidney stones
 Low blood volume shock (hypovolemic shock)
 Urinary tract infections

Specialist to visit-
 General Physician

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