About- Bradycardia is slower than normal (60 and 100 beats per minute) heart rate.
 Chest pain
 Fainting (syncope)
 Heart palpitations
 Lack of energy
 Memory problems
 Shortness of breath
 A complication in the heart surgery
 A problem of the electrical pathways through the heart
 Congenital heart defect
 Electrolyte or Chemicals (potassium or calcium) imbalance in the blood
 Heart tissues damage from heart disease or heart attack
 Inflammation of the heart muscle
 Injury to the heart due to heart attack, endocarditis or a medical procedure
 Lyme disease
 Effect pf medications including heart rhythm disorders, high blood pressure and psychosis
 Obstructive sleep apnea
 Rheumatic fever
 Sick sinus syndrome
 Valvular heart disease

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 Cardiovascular Medicine
 Cardiovascular Surgery
 Pediatric Cardiology

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