Bowel Obstruction

About- Bowel obstruction, also known as the intestinal obstruction is a blockage that prevents digested food or liquid from passing normally through the bowel.
 Abdominal bloating
 Abdominal pain and cramp
 Abdominal Swelling
 Loss of appetite
 Nausea and Vomiting
 A problem in bowel movement
 Problem passing stools or gas
 Breast cancer
 Colon cancer
 Crohn’s disease 
 Damaged blood vessels 
 Impacted feces
 Intestinal Adhesions 
 Lung cancer
 Malignant tumors
 Melanoma that has spread to the bowel
 Ovarian cancer
 Radiation to the abdominal area
 Scar tissue from surgery
 Stomach cancer
 Twisting of the colon (volvulus)

Specialists to Visit
 General Surgeon

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