Bladder Stone

About- Bladder stones also called bladder calculi are hard crystal masses formed by minerals and protein that are found in urine and often happens when we can't completely empty our bladder.
 Lower abdominal pain
 In men, pain or discomfort in the penis or testicles
 Pain or burning sensation during urination
 Frequent urination
 Difficulty urinating or interrupted urine flow
 Blood in the urine
 Cloudy or dark-coloured urine
 Frequent urinary tract infections 

Bladder stones usually form when we can't completely empty our bladder of urine. Possible reasons are
Presence of any foreign materials in the bladder
 Neurogenic bladder
 Cystocele (women)
 Bladder diverticula (Pouches form within the bladder)
 Bladder inflammation
 Kidney stones
 Medical devices such as catheters or other medical devices move to the bladder
 Diet without enough fluid
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Bladder stones

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